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Once upon a time, there was a place called the Time Agency. They had a bad habit of recruiting war veterans with severe mental and/or psychic trauma, particularly teenagers. After the War of the Sands began on Boeshane Colony, they realized that they had the perfect source of agents.

Enter Jaxom Touchstone, age sixteen, fresh from the front lines where he had been captured, tortured, and subjected to the worst forms of empathic torment.

The Time Agency took the shattered boy and glued him back together, shaping him into a killing machine, a loyal dog that would come when they called, go where they said, kill who they wanted. He spent seventeen years at their beck and call, going on anger alone. Then, one day, he discovered that his little brother hadn't died in the first invasion after all. He was alive somewhere, and now that Jaxom had the capacity to travel through time, he focused on one goal: find Gray and bring him home alive.

The Agency did not take kindly to this. They punished him, put him on probation, threatened to take away his freedom. One wrong move, and he's going to get his memories blocked, taking away the reason for his crusade and getting their loyal dog back. And what they have now is a very angry tiger on the end of a frayed rope, ready to break free.

This is a roleplaying journal and is not for profit in any way. I do not own Captain Jack Harkness or anything related to Doctor Who/Torchwood and John Barrowman. The only thing that's mine is my interpretation of Jack's backstory, and his "real" name.

As of April 2015, Jack is currently in season two of Torchwood. However, both the Children of Earth and Miracle Day arcs will be ignored completely (the former because it's too depressing, the latter because even the premise is nonsensical). Other episodes or events might also be declared noncanon for this version of Jack, either because his dealings with the multiverse have made them unlikely, or because the mun does not find them fun to play.

Verse: In a Multiverse Far, Far Away: Jaxom Touchstone's parents defected to the Sith Empire when he was a young boy. Now he works for Imperial Intelligence as Cipher Seven, burying his old name and creating new ones when convenient.

Mun: Ael ([personal profile] martyfan)
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